Recommended Products

Here at Highfalutin Furry Babies we know how difficult it can be for new parents getting ready to welcome their new furry baby into their family. The sheer number and variety of products available for your dog can be completely overwhelming...
"Am I buying everything my puppy needs? Is this product any good? Do they have any needs which I'm not fulfilling?"

Don't worry, we were once like you! We know that you only want to provide the best for your furry baby, and thankfully you can rely on the collective wisdom of the entire Highfalutin family. We've listened to all of the reviews and feedback from the parents of our furry babies to compile a list of the very best products you can buy for your Bernedoodle


Essentials For Your Puppy


Buying a good crate is essential in housetraining your new puppy. Dogs are natural cave dwellers and a crate mimics this in providing a safe, sheltered den that they can relax and sleep in. Most importantly, dogs do not like to soil where they sleep so it is an invaluable tool in housebreaking your new puppy. One of the most important features you need is an adjustable divider so you can section off the crate into a smaller section when they are little and increase the space available as they grow. 


Choosing a comfortable bed for your new addition is vital. A good bed provides a soft and comfortable haven for your baby to relax in. It provides warmth and insulation from the cold floor, support for their back and joints, and a place to call their own. If there is one thing that you shouldn't cut corners on, it is a good bed for your dog. 
A good bed should be easy to clean, provide cushioning and support and should be big enough for them to stretch out in if they like. You may want to consider investing in an orthopaedic bed for your dog. Your new best friend will thank you for it!  


While your pup will come home with a starter harness in their puppy pack, you will need to buy another harness for them to grow into. We always recommend using a harness while walking and never walking your puppy with just their collar since they tend to pull while learning leash manners and could injure themselves as they pull against the collar on their throat.
We recommend this harness which is padded, adjustable, comes in a variety of colours and has reflective detailing to make your puppy easier to see.


You should always use a leash when you are in an unenclosed area with your puppy until they have learned proper recall. Not only will a leash keep your pup safe by preventing them from running away but it will also allow you to retain control over your dog when you are training them. 
We really like this leash as it is adjustable in length to suit your needs and it has reflective detailing to make you and your dog visible at night.

Retractable Leash

There will come a time when you want to give your puppy some more room to explore their surroundings and experience the world around them. When that time comes a normal leash just wont cut it. This is where a retractable leash comes in.
While there are lots of choices when it comes to retractable leashes, this one is unique in that you can adjust how much space you want to give your puppy anywhere from 1 to 15 feet. This means you can give your puppy lots of room when you are on a walk in the park but then you can rein them in when you need to take a stroll down the street.

Play Pen

We know that you will love your puppy unconditionally and will want to spend as much time playing with them as possible, however, we also know that it's not realistic to spend EVERY minute with them. 
This is where a puppy play pen comes in handy. It provides a safe secure place for your puppy to relax and play while you are busy doing non-puppy activities.
We like this one here as it's sturdy and well made and has a gate to allow easy entry for your puppy.

Portable Play Pen

Until your puppy has all of its shots you should not be taking it outside of your home. However, this can be really hard on you and the other members of your family (furry and human). With a popup play pen like this you can go to the park for a picnic, open up the pen and place your puppy inside. That way they can enjoy some fresh air with you without the worry of them picking up any germs from the ground.

Puppy Carrier

We all know that it is really important that you don't take your new puppy outside of your home until it is fully vaccinated, but it can be really tough leaving your new puppy behind when you have to go somewhere. This is where a puppy carrier comes into play. We've tried many different models and we love this one. You wear it like a backpack only on the front so your furry baby is right there in front of you and it's weight is evenly supported across your back and shoulders. In our experience puppies enjoy this much more than a sling as their legs are free to move and they are close to your face to they can easily give you puppy kisses. x

Pet Carrier

Whenever you need to take your new puppy on a journey somewhere it is a really good idea to use a pet carrier to ensure that they are safe and sound. We really love this particular pet carrier as it's Airline Approved so you can take your puppy on a plane if need be, and it has 2 expandable side panels to give your pup more room to stretch out in. We use one just like this for our furry baby deliveries.

Puppy Pads

We all know accidents can happen, and unfortunately with puppies they can happen frequently. This is why it is extremely important to have a good supply of puppy pads on hand. They not only protect your home from unwanted stains but they also help you to train your pup to go to the potty outside.

Poop Bags

It's a fact of life. Dogs poop. Puppies poop a lot! When looking for a dog poop bag you should try to find one thats relatively thick so you don't risk messy breakages and which is easy to open. After trying many different brands we've found these Earth rated ones to be among the best around. They even make a compostable version if you want to be even kinder to the planet.

Stain and Odor Remover

Accidents happen despite our best efforts. Unfortunately with puppies, once they have marked an area as somewhere to go to the bathroom they will go back to that scented area again and again. This stain and odor remover contains enzymes to remove the smell altogether so they will be less likely to go back to that spot again to go potty.

Treat Bag

When you are training your new puppy it is really important to have a good supply of treats on hand to reward your pup whenever they successfully perform a new skill.  This bag is great as it has everything that you need. It has 2 pockets inside so you can separate out high value treats from regular ones, it has a poop bag dispenser, a zip pocket for your keys, a small water bowl which fits in the front and has a clicker to help you with training. You can wear this over your shoulder or clip it onto your belt. 

Training Treats

When you are teaching your new fur baby how to sit, stay and come you're going to need a way to reward them. Your praise, love and affection go a long way, but you will get a lot quicker and consistent results using treats. These are puppy bite size and low in calories so your new baby won't get too fat from eating them.

Puppy Food

It is important that when you have a new puppy you introduce them to new foods slowly so they do not end up with an upset stomach. When a puppy is just small they can struggle with large bits of kibble so we feed our new puppies mini puppy food. You should make sure that you buy one bag of this food so that you can use it to transition your puppy onto a puppy food appropriate for their final weight so they do not experience GI issues when you switch food.

Dog Food

It is really important for your puppy's health that you feed your them a food which is designed for their final adult weight. This reduces the risk of health issues later in life as well as ensuring that they have the nutrients they need to grow properly. For standard Bernedoodles this means that you need to be feeding your puppy a large breed puppy food. We have tried many different puppy foods and one of the best we've found is Royal Canin, our dogs seem to like the taste and it agrees with their stomach.