Guardian Homes


What is a Guardian Home? 

This is something we have put into place for our "future generation" puppies or adults that will be a part of our program. You will have the ability to choose a puppy or adult that fits your family and lifestyle, while maintaining a relationship with us bound by a simple contract. The details are below. SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE!

How does this benefit me and my family?

Here at Highfalutin Furry Babies, we want what best for our families and our "furry babies", thats why we have put into place a "guardianship program". It's very simple really, not only do you get a puppy or an adult "furry baby" that is of the best selection from us, it will be 100% health tested on our end. Your responsibility is to give this beautiful baby unconditional love, annual vetting, and maintain a healthy weight with proper, high end food. Sounds too good to be true? No, we just have a few requirements that you need to consider before joining the guardianship program. 

1) You must live within 2 hours of Lake Mary/Sanford Florida (Some exeptions may apply). 

2) You must allow us to take your "furry baby" off your property for further testing, collection, or whelping. (We don't have you whelp the puppies due to risk) this is no more than 5-6 weeks when the female has come into pre-term labor and we return her when the puppies are fully whelped. We can talk in length about how many times this is done throughout their lifetime through a interview process. The males are brought back a lot sooner of course. They are able to "honeymoon" then get a nice grooming before their return. 

3) The variety of breeds we offer for guardianship are as follows:

Bernese Mountain Dogs, Standard Poodles, Mini Poodles, Moyen Poodles, Mini Bernedoodles, Standard Bernedoodles, Australian Labradoodles (for our Australian Bernedoodles)  

4) How much money does this cost me up front? I ask you send in a $1000 deposit and that is something that shows, not only are you serious, will take proper care of the "furry baby", but will allow us to keep that in a fund for the initial exam that he or she will be given, along with all the proper shots, health certificate, and documentation of pedigrees. 

5) Once we retire this "furry baby" he/she is yours with no strings attached. We will sign over the documentation and it will be official through the AKC. We never take back your precious baby.   

We will retire some of of "furry baby" parents from time to time, If your interested in a ADULT who is older (not past 5 years of age) that is wanting a forever home and be unconditionally loved, please contact us.